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EDI Appraisals -

As most of you already know EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a way to send and receive appraisals over the internet or directly by modem.

There are basically two forms of EDI transfer between computers. One uses Lighthouse software by Polaroid Digital Solutions. The other uses Adobe Acrobat.

Lighthouse converts the appraisal from whatever type of appraisal software you use to an ACI appraisal form. ACI is the appraisal software also created by Polaroid Digital Solutions. The problem most associated with this method is the possibility of the conversion changing data.

As most appraisers know, not all appraisal software creates the same forms. So, if the format of your form differs from ACI, some data could be lost in the conversion. Also, if the recipient of the appraisal has the ACI software, it would be easy to change some data on the appraisal while the appraiser's signature is still on it.

Adobe Acrobat, however, converts the appraisal file to a PDF. The recipient then opens the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader. The form appears exactly as it was created originally. No direct editing can be done by the recipient and, when it is printed, it looks just as if you printed from your own software. Both of these conversion programs have reader software where the file can only be read.

Also both are free download on the web. Therefore, the recipient doesn't have to buy anything to receive reports.

We utilize both methods of delivery to accommodate our clients and appraisers.

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